Irrigation Research & Design

Located in Richmond, VA since 1993

Located in Richmond, VA since 1993

Located in Richmond, VA since 1993Located in Richmond, VA since 1993

Just a few of the things we can do for your site

New System Design

When we design your site we develop a comprehensive plan to fit your needs.  Our plans, details, and specifications are complete to ensure an easy bidding process.  With our help you will be able to accurate compare contractor's pricing because you are confident in what they are bidding.

Water Source Analysis & LEED Documentation

We can provide logistical and cost comparisons of your water source options.  We can insure that you have the resources you need for your system and can design pumps if your site requires more pressure.  We are experienced with LEED documentation and the methods in obtaining irrigation related credits.      

Construction Administration & Existing Site Audits/Control System Support

We provide construction administration and contractor oversight to owners to ensure that there system is installed in a professional manner that meets their needs We provide auditing services for existing sites as well.   We troubleshoot and provide options to improve system performance and increase its longevity.